You Have Pain and You’ve Tried Everything Else

Your pain is affecting the quality of your health, your relationships, your work, your happiness and peace of mind. You may have experienced moments of feeling frustrated and hopeless. But deep inside, you know there has to be another way.

You don’t want to follow the symptom treating crowd that tells you that you need a quick fix. You are courageous, tenacious and savvy — ready to take action to address the cause, because you believe in your body’s amazing ability to heal. You just need a little guidance on how to get there. I will help you.

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Sitting at dinner with your friends laughing and being fully present and engaged, because the pain is no longer hijacking your attention.


Playing your sport or engaging in your favorite activity and feeling on fire – not because you are in pain, but instead because you are in a state of flow. And the best part is that after playing, you feel totally invigorated!

Can you feel your energy levels skyrocket?

Can you sense more joy and inner peace as you feel the stress begin to melt away?

Experience the exhilaration and freedom of kicking pain out of the driver’s seat of your life! — With hard work and persistence (skills you already have) and perhaps a little help from someone who has gone through it herself and has helped many others to do the same. Together we will get you there!

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