running tips for beginners

So you want to start running, but are looking for some tips on how to get started. Here are the basics you need to know to get you off and running!

      1. Buy a good pair of shoes that are flexible, flat and have a wide toe base. See my blog on Running Shoes for Women most of it applies to both men and women.
      2. Prepare your body. Muscular balance and postural alignment are essential to preventing injury and to creating efficient movement. Efficient movement means increased balance, speed, agility and strength. For healthy individuals, I recommend the exercise in this video  to help you align both before and after your run. Or if you have current postural or pain issues or range of motion limitations then I recommend getting an Individualized Postural Alignment Program.
      3. Choose a training plan. A walk / run program can be a simple and safe way to get started. There are apps out there that are easy to follow. Starting with 3 days a week can be a good place to start. Listen to your body – push yourself a bit, but don’t over do it.
      4. If you need help with accountability or being consistent with training here are some helpful ideas:
        • Schedule a race. Having a goal definitely helps some of us to stay on track. Start with a 5k.
        • Join a running forum or Facebook page. Here you can ask questions, be social and give and receive support.
        • Join a run club. If you are social, then you may find it more fun to run with a group of friends.
        • Get a running coach. If you are serious about beginning to race or want to learn as much as possible about running then you may want to find a coach to help you stay on track.

    On your mark, get set, GO and HAVE FUN!