What are postural exercises?

Posture exercises are corrective exercises designed to realign the joints.

A Postural Assessment is done to look at posture and movement.

Then an individualize menu of exercises is created to address your body, posture, and goals.

This sequence of posture exercises is then done on a daily basis at home.

What is the benefit of doing postural exercises on a daily basis?

It is easy to get out of balance or alignment and it is important to find a way to bring your body back into balance.

We were created to move and in today’s world we often don’t move enough. Many of us spend a lot of time sitting for work, at a computer, and / or commuting. Old injuries or surgeries can create compensations and dysfunctions and if not addressed they can grow over time. Sometimes our sports or hobbies can create imbalances., one example is the unilateral swing of a golfer. Posture exercises give us a way to put our bodies back into balance so we can continue to do the work, sports and hobbies we love without limitation or pain getting in the way!

Posture exercises also help people to eliminate and prevent chronic pain as well as improve function and performance.

If you currently have pain or limitations in range of motion or balance, the exercises can help you to eliminate the pain and regain function. When your joints are aligned, then grinding and friction in the joints is reduced which stops the damage and allows healing to happen. Also when the muscles are balanced and functioning as designed, then muscle pain and tension goes away.

Athletes benefit greatly because the more aligned and balance your body is the more efficient it is. That means less effort is require to produce the same amount of movement or force. Balance, strength, speed and agility all improve.

Who needs postural exercises?

We all do! Balance and alignment are essential to health. Posture exercises are a way to regain balance and alignment.

Here are a few examples of people who benefit:

  • Athletes who want to improve performance in their sport.
  • People who would like a way to reduce and eliminate chronic pain.
  • Seniors who would like to improve balance and stay as functional as possible.
  • People who would like improve range of motion.

Where do I find postural exercises?

Access a FREE video with a short posture exercise sequence by CLICKING HERE.


If you are curious about how your posture is related to your pain, function or performance, then schedule a Postural Assessment to receive an Individualized menu of posture exercises designed for your body.