Postural Alignment Therapy Options

STEP 1: Schedule an Initial Postural Assessment


Learn how your posture relates to your pain and get started on a program to help you reduce and eliminate chronic pain and limitation

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  • Review of heath history and lifestyle habits
  • Postural Assessment: includes a combination of standing posture, gait and functional testing
  • Posture Photos: a visual tool for both education and measuring progress
  • Education of the Postural Alignment Therapy process, design posture, etc.
  • Goal setting and selection of individualized exercise menu


After your Initial Assessment, select the program option that works best for you and your goals. Choose from private programs in person, private programs via Skype, or email sessions. 

Private Programs (In Person or Skype)

These in-person, or Skype-based, programs are completely individualized to you and your body. They are the most efficient and effective option for those who really want to eliminate pain, regain function and get the most out of the process

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An individualized program is recommended if you… 

  • Prefer an individualized approach to your wellness and healing
  • Value reassessing and adapting your program as your body’s changes
  • Appreciate availability to check in, ask questions along the way and receive help staying on track
  • Have moderate to severe pain or limitations in movement, balance, range of motion, etc. 
  • Have specific athletic performance based goals that you want to reach


Postural Healing visits are 50 minutes. The sessions are results driven and designed to keep you on track to reach your goals.  The sessions are individualized based off of your needs during that visit and may include the following:

  • Postural assessments
  • Functional Tests
  • Posture photos
  • Review exercise menu to discover how your body has changed, to share observations, to answer questions about the exercises, and to ensure the exercises are being done correctly.
  • Adjusting the menu based on how your body is responding.  With your goals in mind we may keep the menu the same, tweak the menu, add or remove exercises, or completely change direction with your menu.  
  • Coaching and suggestions for lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals

This work is a results driven process.  The goal is to get to the cause of pain or limitation rather than just treating symptoms.  Individuals see the best results when working the method for 10-18 months (depending on the individual). 

Postural Healing Package Options:

8 Visit Package ($1480)

$247/Month for 6 Months

16 Visit Package ($2800)

$234/Month for 12 Months

24 Visit Package ($3960)

Or $330/Month for 12 Months  

**Additional 5% off a package if paid in full up front.

Email Sessions

This is for individuals who want a more affordable option.

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How it works:
1. You send an e-mail to requesting email sessions. Title your e-mail “E-mail Session”.
2. I will respond with details on how to take posture photos and send you a short form to fill out prior to starting including a short summary of what is going on.
3. Based off the information you provide and your photos you will receive a menu of exercise to do daily.
4. 2-3 days after beginning your menu of exercises, you will provide feedback via email on how the exercises are going, what shifts you are beginning to notice and any questions.
5. If all is well, then you continue with this menu for 2-3 weeks. Or if needed, we may make a slight adjustment to the menu.
6. The work is a process so every 1-4 weeks you will submit a new e-mail visit with updated posture photos. On average expect 8-16 visits over the course of 6-12 months.

$75/Email Visit which includes:

  • Initial email interaction with a description of what is going on & your posture photos
  • An individualized menu of exercises based off of you posture photos
  • Email check in 2-3 days after receiving the e-cises
  • Package of 8 Email Visits: $400 paid in full (Savings $200)

Classes, Workshops, or Presentations

Tuesdays & Thursdays (Choose June, July or August)



Find peace, joy, and freedom through breath, meditation, and alignment exercises


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