Postural Alignment Therapy Options

90 Minute Initial Postural Assessment

Learn how your posture is related to your pain. Find out if Postural Healing is right for you. If it is a fit, discuss what your program would look like based on your personal goals and my recommendations on how to get there.


Schedule Initial Assessment:

Bhakti Wellness Center (Edina)



Includes the following:

Time to get to know each other

Paperwork Review: health history, lifestyle, pain chart, etc.

Postural Assessment: a combination of standing posture, gait and functional testing

Posture Photos: a visual tool for both education and progress tracking

Education of Postural Alignment Therapy process, design posture, etc.

Expectations and Requirements

Goal setting and selection of appropriate program menu of exercises

Private Programs

These in-person, or Skype-based, programs are completely individualized to you and your body. They are the most efficient and effective option for those who really want to eliminate pain, regain function and get the most out of the process.

Schedule Initial Assessment:

An individualized program is recommended if you…

Prefer an individualized approach to your wellness and healing

Value reassessing and adapting your program as your body’s changes

Appreciate availability to check in and receive more accountability for doing the work

Have moderate to severe pain or limitations in movement, balance, range of motion, etc.

Have specific athletic performance based goals that you want to reach

Classes, Workshops, or Presentations

Session 1: Jan 10, 17, 24, 31
Session 2: Feb 7, 14, 21, 28





Feel more relaxed. Increase Resilience. Promote healing.

   Saturday, February 23, 12-2pm
   Dancer’s Studio 415 Pascal Ave. St Paul, MN 


Postural Alignment Workshop

Have you ever felt frustrated during a dance lesson because your body was unable to create a specific movement? Or maybe you are ready to take your dancing to the next level.

Postural Alignment recreates balance in the body so you produce more clean and efficient movement through your joints. When your muscles are in balance and firing in the proper sequence, the entire body functions as a unit. This produces movements that are strong, balanced, efficient and controlled. Range of motion, endurance, speed, timing, etc., are all improved.

In this 2 hour interactive workshop you will discover how:

  • To improve function and performance so you can more easily reach your goals and take your dancing to the next level

  • To prevent injury and reduce chronic pain

  • To develop a deeper body awareness which will improve your dance connection and your overall wellness.

*Please bring yoga mat and wear clothes that are comfortable to move in.

Living Whole Retreats

Our Immersion Retreats are for you if:

You are ready to explore who you really are, where you’re getting stuck, and how to care for yourself.

You are ready to expand yourself through Mind/Body/Spirit Disciplines: self care, energy medicine, food, movement, mindfulness, meditation, music, art, laughter, and what we all love best—sharing our stories with one another.

You are ready to cut, season, stir, taste, sauté, bake, chop, laugh, dance and cook with fellow participants in the kitchen world of whole-food, plant-based deliciousness.

You are ready to be immersed in a five-day community experience in a natural sanctuary, and make long-term connections that will continue once you return home.

You are ready to connect with people who want what you want—to develop a self-care practice that brings peace, balance and vitality to your life—to engage in Living Whole.

Testimonials from People Who Have Attended Whole Living Retreats:

“Living Whole beautifully blends conventional medical with the wisdom of mind, body, spirit. This immersion is perfect for anyone who wants to treat the whole person and live happy healthy and with ease.”

“This was a profoundly transformational experience. In some ways the person I am today is quite different from the one who entered in last week.”

“This week at Living Whole I rediscovered that I could feel this good (it has been a long time since I have). This immersion was about a million times better than I thought it would be and I am so, so, so grateful I am here.”

“Personal development is not new to me. However, this retreat was an eye opener in many regards due to its very holistic and integrative approach going beyond cognition and really working at the energetic level. I recommend it to anyone wanting to know themselves better and improve his/her relationships with self and others.”

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