What People Are Saying About Postural Healing

I had back surgery in 2001. I re-injured the same area in 2012 and was told I needed surgery again. Instead, I did rehab programs which got me back to a “serviceable” level. Meaning that every day I would experience anything from mild pain to more significant pain requiring ibuprofen. It frustrated me because while the pain wasn’t debilitating, it was always on my mind. It would cause me to be “off” with friends and family and to avoid certain activities.

I noticed significant improvements immediately after a single month of working with Anna Forliti. And the best part is that after four months, I can honestly say that my back is feeling like it felt before I initially injured it! When I wake up in the morning – the stiffness and pain is gone. It continues to be a fantastic surprise when I wake up each day because when I open my eyes my body is preparing for the old pain of getting out of bed, but none is there!

I would absolutely recommend Postural Healing Programs to anyone dealing with chronic back pain. The method, combined with the sincere interest Anna took in relieving my pain has made a huge positive difference in my day to day life!

Scott Clemente

Initially skeptical, but willing to try anything to alleviate the chronic neck and back pain, numbness and general lack of well-being that I was experiencing, I followed the recommendation of my massage therapist to work with Anna Forliti. And I was pleasantly surprised!

In working with Anna, I have realized the ability within me to alleviate my pain and also to maintain a sense of confidence and well-being. The individualized Postural Healing Program included exercises to address my body’s specific imbalances. Today I am better able to be on the computer and stand for long periods of time which makes my work more enjoyable. I am also able exercise again without the significant level of discomfort I used to experience before working with Anna.

Anna listens well, so I never feel like I’m just another client with back problems. Her individualized approach to working with me is so refreshing! She works in collaboration with recommendations from other professionals of my care team (massage therapist, yoga instructor, chiropractor, and physical therapist) to provide an integrative approach to my treatment. Anna clearly has a passion for helping others along with a strong knowledge base and skills that make her such a valuable health care provider!

Fran Bieganek

Anna is extraordinary and through my work with her, I have not just alleviated my excruciating back and shoulder pain, I have started realigning my posture. The pain relief is astonishing and enduring. As someone who has suffered with back pain for more than 30 years (curved spine, long hours at a desk and traveling around the world on cramped airline seats), I have deep experience with massage, acupuncture and chiropractic work. While those treatments gave me some immediate pain relief, working with Anna is different. She has given me the tools to get at the root causes of my pain, and I am healing.

Brook D. Anderson

I have had back pain and related symptoms for 50 years, and have engaged in many different therapeutic approaches to it. In working with Anna by Skype (she is in Minnesota and I am in Spain) since January 2014, I feel that a miracle is taking place. Through her expert and encouraging way of teaching, Anna is guiding me to learn how to relax and strengthen, how to work with the support of gravity, how to bring breath into movement, how to feel deeply. In addition to my personal experience with Anna, I have referred participants with whom I work in my Integrative Health practice, and all have been very appreciative of their sessions with Anna. She offers extraordinary expertise and a lovely, gentle manner. I give Anna and her work my highest recommendation.

Kathryn Hayward, M.D.

Medical Director. Odyssey Journey: A Collaborative Approach to Wellness

At age 71, it seemed pretty normal for me to have some osteoarthritis of my right hip. Many of my friends had already had hip or knee replacements, so walking with a limp but not having a great deal of pain meant to me that I was doing quite well.  I was amazed and pleased that after three months of working with Anna — and doing my daily Postural Alignment Therapy exercises — I no longer had the limp. Rather than treating a specific problem or disease, Anna’s therapy encourages the body to revisit its normal postural positioning so it can heal itself. I highly recommend seeing Anna. She is a superb and compassionate healer and person.

Bill Manahan, M.D.

Past President, American Holistic Medical Association

A roll over vehicle accident resulted in multiple surgeries. Yoga, pilates, other fitness activities, physical therapy, chiropractic, rolfing and massage therapy gave only temporary pain relief. Then a chronic pain rehabilitation physician advised $2000 botox injections into my muscles. Instead, my family physician recommended Postural Alignment Therapy assessment and training through Anna. Her services are far more cost effective, and come with lasting results if the exercises are done as advised. She professional, compassionate, helpful, insightful, resourceful, informed, reliable and efficient. I recommend her to others who would benefit from rehabilitation due to injury, preventative care for general health and in aging gracefully!

Ruth Marg-Patton, MS, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Luck and serendipity brought me to Anna and the Postural Alignment Therapy. That first visit opened my eyes to a world of possibilities for pain relief with no pills and no invasive treatments. Anna is a natural healer and she presented the Postural Alignment Therapy in exactly the way I needed. It was understandable, accessible, and tangible. My life has changed dramatically. I have been able to eliminate debilitating pain from my legs, hips, lower back and neck. I am an unabashed advocate of Postural Alignment Therapy. Its principles are sound and its claims to offer “pain-free living” are justified.

Catherine G.W.

St. Paul, MN

Postural Alignment Therapy has been the best physical investment I’ve ever made. Anna tailors the workout to the individual’s needs. She really listens and adjusts her treatments accordingly. She is very warm and encouraging, and I think most people would benefit from working with her.

Maureen Messer

St. Paul, MN

“Chronic pain was beginning to effect all aspects of my life. Severe arthritic hip pain was interfering with my ability to walk.  Extreme lack of range of motion and pain in my hip had prevented me from getting on my horse for the prior 3 years.  Upper back pain, which I initially attributed to old age, affected my overall stamina. The simple task of washing dishes became painful and required me sit down for relief. My restricted activity was making me feel less useful as a human being.

My medical doctor was recommending cortisone shots and hip surgery.  He also advised me not to ride my horse now or even after surgery. I felt a little deprived as riding had been a shared activity with my husband.  I did not want to have surgery, so I took the recommendation of a friend to work with Anna Forliti.

This summer on July 23, 2018 after 10 months of working with Anna, I am back on the saddle and ride my horse again!!  It feels satisfying to have achieved this level of fitness.”

Mary Jo Sivertson

“By early 2010 my knee pain was so acute I felt crippled. I was noticeably limping and unable to enjoy doing the things I love most (golfing and dancing). My quality of life had diminished greatly, so I had my knee assessed by a Non-surgical Orthopedic Doctor. The Doctor tried Cortisone injections and suggested physical therapy, but the results were not what I had hoped for. I was still limping and in pain. The doctor then ordered an MRI to determine the root cause of the problem, and to my dismay I was told that I would need a complete knee replacement due to the significant amount of arthritis revealed by the MRI. I scheduled the surgical procedure, and was resigned to the fact that this was the only way to relieve the pain and regain my quality of life.


At about this same time, I contacted Anna Forliti who worked with me over the last couple of months. Since then, I no longer limp and my knee pain has reduced by 98%. I’m able once again to dance and look forward to walking the golf course instead of riding in a cart. In addition to feeling better I’ve notice that my posture has greatly improved, which makes me feel younger than I really am.”   

Lee Ferguson

I began working with Anna in late Summer 2012.  I am a pilot in the military and had recently returned from a four month deployment to the Middle East and Central Asia.  As one can imagine, being a pilot requires long hours of sitting which can cause significant back pain and/or discomfort.  My deployment was no exception and progressively, the pain and discomfort associated with the inherent sedentary nature of my work was having a serious impact on my life, to include many sleepless nights, increased stress, and even difficulty exercising.  In addition to my back pain, I had also developed plantar fasciitis while deployed.  Needless to say, I was a “wreck” when I returned home.

I had been referred to Anna and Postural Healing by a message therapist I was seeing at the time who recognized my slowly deteriorating state of health.  Over the next few months of working with Anna, I found postural alignment therapy to be a perfect remedy for my back pain and plantar fasciitis.  In turn, I was sleeping better and was able to literally get back on my feet and begin exercising at the levels I had been used to prior to my deployment.  I also discovered flexibility, movement, and range of motion I never dreamed possible before consulting with Anna. What I like most about the program is it is exclusively natural, it is an evolving process, and can be tailored to meet the needs of the patient.  Additionally, in my experience, the exercises can be done, quite literally, anywhere in the world, and requires no special equipment.

I would absolutely recommend Anna and Postural Healing to anyone. Whether you have a good bill of health, or have struggled with similar pains or discomforts as I have, there is something EVERYONE can benefit from in this program.


At about this same time, I contacted Anna Forliti who worked with me over the last couple of months. Since then, I no longer limp and my knee pain has reduced by 98%. I’m able once again to dance and look forward to walking the golf course instead of riding in a cart. In addition to feeling better I’ve notice that my posture has greatly improved, which makes me feel younger than I really am.”   

Grant Webber

St. Paul, MN

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