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Eliminating chronic pain.

Chronic Pain

You have pain. You want to feel good in your body. You want to change your story. And you are wondering if Postural Healing can help.

Postural Alignment Therapy is a way to eliminate musculoskeletal pain without the need for drugs, surgery or special equipment. In addition, it is a way to prevent future injury and damage to joints and soft tissue. Common symptoms include neck pain, back pain, joint pain, migraines, TMJ, nerve pain, carpal tunnel, plantar faciosis (fasciitis), shin splints, and much, much more.


Muscles are what pull bones out of alignment. It is the same with scoliosis.  Postural Alignment Therapy can prevent and decreases scoliosis curvature which allows people to be more functional, avoid braces and surgeries.


Do you currently have pain and/or limitations that hold you back from living life to the fullest or keep you from doing all of the things you love the most? What is it that you wish you could still do? What if it is possible to get back to doing just that?  It is possible to age gracefully!

Remaining functional as we age is becoming more and more challenging with how sedentary we have become as a society. We use to have to move to survive. Now we try to make our lives as motion free as possible with all of our modern conveniences; remote controls, garage openers, dishwashers, etc. The old saying, “Move it or lose it”, is quite true. Our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to our environment. When we do not use certain muscles our efficient body adapts by shutting the unused muscles off to conserve energy. When we suddenly need to recruit those muscles, for instance if we trip on uneven pavement, we are prone to injury because those muscles have become dormant and are weak and/or other muscles not intended for the action will be recruited to help and may or may not be able to take the demand.

So what can we do to age gracefully - remaining functional and pain-free?

Postural Alignment Therapy is a form of gentle corrective exercise designed to realign the eight major load joints. When we are aligned then there is no longer pressure on the spinal disks or grinding down of the joints. The end result is the elimination of pain and improvement of function, performance and overall health. Postural alignment therapy focuses on the body as a unit and as alive and organic so by looking at the cause rather than the symptom(s) we can decrease the negative stimulus that is degenerating the body and the process of regeneration and healing can begin.


As an athlete, what do I gain by incorporating Postural Healing into my training program?

Postural Alignment Therapy is form of gentle corrective exercise designed to realign the eight major load joints. When aligned the body naturally performs at higher levels.

Improved posture means moving through joints more cleanly and efficiently. When muscles are in balance and firing in the proper sequence, then the muscles designed for a given job are being utilized correctly. This produces movements that are strong, balanced, efficient and controlled. Range of motion/flexibility, endurance, speed, timing, etc., are all improved.

Better Race Times

Align the joints, allow the proper muscles to do their intended job, and the result is more efficient movement. More efficient movement means requiring less energy to create the same output. The extra energy can be used elsewhere to create more speed, power, endurance, etc.

Increased Range of Motion

If you don’t have full range of motion you will not be able to implement technique without compensating elsewhere in the body. When we force range of motion we create unnatural movement which eventually leads to joint deterioration, muscle pulls, etc.

Example benefits include:

  • Increased ability to get into and maintain a better position on the bike
  • Increased the ability to create smoother, more controlled and efficient swim stroke
  • Increased the ability to get a healthy hip extension in your run
Longevity in the Sport

When the joints are aligned we save them from constant grinding and friction. Our bodies don’t wear down. We can play longer, harder, and have fun doing it!

Prevent Injury

Injuries are less likely to occur when our body is functioning in balance. Minimizing compensation and dysfunction creates an environment in which the proper muscles are stabilizing and/or working in an efficient manner to create movement that is balanced, controlled, and agile. When our structure is aligned we are able to create more speed, strength and flexibility.

Faster Recovery from Injury

If an injury happens, an aligned body is naturally able to regenerate and heal itself more quickly and fully. A body that is unbalanced will slow the healing process and likely result in movement that has more compensation and dysfunction.

Be Active and Pain Free No Matter What Your Age

Years after you are done competing you still want to live, play, and be active and pain free. Right?

Improved Breathing and Recovery

When aligned with chest open, shoulder and head back in position, we more efficiently bring oxygen in and distribute it throughout our system.


Do you experience pain and/or limitations in your golf swing? Have you have tried for years without results to change different swing faults or patterns? Do you want to increase flexibility and rotation? Would you like to get more power behind your shots, hitting the ball farther and more accurately?

Despite all the technological improvements in golf equipment, the average handicap has not dropped in the past 16 years. If your body can’t produce an efficient swing the best set of golf clubs won’t do a thing for you. On the same note, you can have a top golf pro teaching you great technique, but if your body is out of balance and unable to create the desired movement, all the best coaching in the world won’t help you.

Golfers are discovering that the clubs don’t play the game, the golfer does. The only way for you to achieve a lower handicap is to improve your function. Postural Alignment Therapy is an effective means to get there.

Your golf swing is only as good as your posture. Posture comes first. When your body has imbalances then you experience limitations in your swing, not to mention pain or pain “waiting to happen.” Remove the imbalances and you create an opportunity for your body to produce a powerful, balanced golf swing.


Play golf without pain

Increase hip rotation

Increase balance in the address position and throughout the entire golf swing

Increase power as a result of increased ability to drive straight through the ball

Decrease risk of injury

Improve weight shift over the ball

Improve your overall golf game

Increase your longevity of being able to play the game

Improve overall health and quality of life

Want to get started on a path to being pain free?

Want to get started on a path to being pain free?

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