Tired of treating symptoms without getting results?

Hi! I'm Anna Forliti. 

Welcome to Postural Healing, a form of non-medical pain relief that rebalances your body and addresses underlying causes of your pain. 

I would love to show you how to live pain-free, regain your mobility or amplify your athletic performance.

Together, we will achieve the results you dream about.



Imagine what you could do if you weren't in pain.


Pain, Pain Go Away

4 Strategies to Shift from Chronic Pain to Feeling Good in Your Body Again

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Congratulations on Finding Postural Healing
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Postural Healing is an alternative to surgeries, injections and pain medications!
Join hundreds of clients who have eliminated their chronic pain, fear and limitations, and now enjoy active, vibrant lives.
Postural Healing is ideal for you if:

  • you are limited by chronic pain or a lack of functional mobility

  • you have pain associated with repetitive use, sports and workplace injuries

  • you want to maximize your health and well-being, optimize performance and take your body to the next level


  • your pain is affecting the quality of your health, relationships, performance, happiness or peace of mind

  • you believe in addressing the cause of pain, rather than treating symptoms

  • you want to continue to live an active lifestyle


  • you are open to your body's amazing ability to heal

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You Are Worth It 
Work privately with Anna to achieve your goals.

Initial Postural Assessment

75-minute consultation

  • Posture and movement pattern analysis

  • Health history review

  • Posture photos

  • Postural alignment education

  • Goal setting

  • Individualized corrective exercise menu

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"I saw immediate results in my first visit. It was informative and helpful to get exercises that I could do daily. Anna was very detailed in how I could manage some immediate pain. She put me on the right path to healing through postural alignment. I highly recommend Postural Healing!"  

                                                                     BJ La Velle

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"After Anna Forliti worked with me for a few months, I no longer limped and my knee pain reduced by 98%. I'm able to dance once again and look forward to walking the golf course, instead of riding in a cart. I've noticed that my posture has greatly improved, which makes me feel younger than I really am."    

Lee Ferguson

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Common symptoms include:

  • neck pain

  • back pain

  • joint pain

  • migraines

  • TMJ

  • nerve pain

  • carpal tunnel

  • plantar faciosis (fasciitis)

  • shin splints

  • and much, much more

My gift is to help you heal from pain and teach you lifelong tools that support your overall wellbeing. 


Postural Healing uses Postural Alignment Therapy and Mind-Body Medicine Fundamentals to relieve pain and improve overall health.

Postural Healing heals the whole person -- body, mind and spirit.


Introduction to Postural Healing

for Pain-Free Living

FREE Workshop

Anna's Story of Healing

"Take 15 minutes to change your life. Call me to discuss your goals and learn more about the power of Postural Healing. Let's do this."

After my second child was born, I had chronic pain. I pushed through anyway and went about my day as normal. However, the pain robbed me, making me less patient and present in my relationships. Distracted by pain and tension throughout the day, I was unable to focus on tasks. By the end of the day I was checked out and totally spent. I was wasting energy speculating and calculating what might increase the pain. Because of all this I was accomplishing less during the day and the quality of my work was affected.


I tried weekly chiropractic and massage appointments but the relief would only last a few hours and I would be right back to where I was.  So I gave up hope - tired of spending time, money and energy dragging two young children along to appointments that were not creating lasting results. 


Within the next year, I injured my low back. Instead of the nagging chronic pain, I was now in severe pain that stopped me completely. I could no longer pick up or play with my kids, work out, bend, sit or stand for long periods. I had always been healthy, athletic and independent, so being unable to use my body hit me hard. It was in that moment that I knew this was not where I wanted to be. 


A friend introduced me to the vital relationship between posture and pain. From there I started studying, finding and practicing the best ways to heal from pain. This changed my life and set me on a path to helping others heal.


I went from being inpatient with my kids to being more fully present. I was able to focus on tasks and work. Instead of getting a massage to manage my pain, I now choose to get a massage because I want one, it feels good and has beautiful health benefits. The posture work I do at home keeps me aligned so that my muscles are relaxed and better able to receive massages.


Instead of having to stop my activities, I am pain-free and have been for 17 years. I am healthier and more fit in my 40s than I was in my 20s. Using what I have learned I am able to prevent pain and continue to improve my overall health and fitness.


These days, I feel joy and gratitude knowing that my journey of pain led me to gain the knowledge, training and experience to help many people heal from pain and get back to doing the things they love. I would love to help you too.