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Did you know the site of pain is rarely the cause of pain?
I help you uncover the underlying causes
of your pain so you can heal.
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Postural Healing is an alternative to surgeries, injections and pain medications!
Join hundreds of clients who have eliminated their chronic pain, fear and limitations and now enjoy active, vibrant lives.
Postural Healing is ideal for you if:

  • you are limited by chronic pain or a lack of functional mobility

  • you have pain associated with repetitive use, sports and workplace injuries

  • you want to maximize your health and well-being, optimize performance and take your body to the next level


  • your pain is affecting the quality of your health, relationships, performance, happiness or peace of mind

  • you believe in addressing the cause of pain, rather than treating symptoms

  • you want to continue to live an active lifestyle


  • you are open to your body's amazing ability to heal


Postural Healing

Postural Healing was founded by Anna Forliti in 2012. She uses Postural Alignment Therapy and Mind-Body Medicine Fundamentals to eliminate chronic pain and improve overall health. Her work addresses the body as a whole -- aligning body, mind and spirit.

Anna’s mission is to empower her clients with all the tools they need to eliminate their chronic pain, restore movement and age gracefully without physical limitations.

Postural Healing is a process focused on:

  • Eliminating the cause of your pain and dysfunction

  • Regaining healthy movement

  • Reconnecting with your body's own wisdom

  • Gaining lifelong tools and knowledge to keep you pain-free, functional and active -- doing the things you love


Postural Alignment Therapy

Restoring alignment and balance to your body allows it to naturally regenerate and heal while improving your overall health. Postural Healing provides you with lifelong tools to remain active and pain-free.

Postural Alignment Therapy uses gentle corrective exercises to rebalance your muscles and realign your joints, returning your body to its natural posture. Pain is relieved, movement is easier, performance is enhanced.

Postural Alignment Therapy treats your body as a whole and focuses on eliminating the cause of pain and dysfunction rather than treating symptoms.

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Mind-Body Medicine: Simple Lifestyle Changes

You are more than just your body. When you are healed as a whole person, mind, body and spirit -- rather than focusing on one part of you -- your healing happens at a deeper level.

I'll review your health history and current lifestyle including nutrition, sleep patterns, activity level, work demands, levels of stress and other factors.

In addition to Postural Alignment Therapy, using the science of Mind-Body Medicine, you'll learn techniques such as mindfulness, breathing and meditation.  

You will feel the joy that whole body healing brings!


Up to 80% of all illnesses are related to chronic stress. Chronic pain can show up as a result of physical, emotional and/or psychological stresses throughout your life.

You Can Expect

You'll be heard, respected and valued as the expert of your own body -- your input and intuition matter.

You will receive an individualized program to get you back to doing the things you love.

You will have greater body awareness, learn to know when you are out of balance and have lifelong tools to realign yourself and maintain your wellbeing. 

You will learn how your beliefs, emotions, stress and other factors influence your body's ability to heal and regenerate -- body, mind and spirit.

I will help you get there.


As a posture expert, I partner with you

to discover the underlying cause of your pain. I provide professional guidance and encouragement as you heal.

Postural Healing Benefits

Physical Results

  • Reduces, eliminates and prevents pain

  • Increases range of motion, balance, strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, athletic performance and more

  • Improves function of every system in your body

  • Prevents and heals injuries

Emotional Results

  • Reduces stress

  • Eliminates worry or speculation about what might trigger your pain

  • Frees you from limiting beliefs as a result of living in pain 

  • Provides peace of mind, elevating your health, relationships, work and overall sense of joy

Spiritual Results

  • Reduces fight or flight responses so you can focus on living in alignment with your purpose

  • Frees you to deeply connect to yourself, your higher power and others

  • Creates an uplifting energetic shift

Financial Results

  • Frees up time and money spent on appointments that aren't creating results

  • Helps you avoid surgery, cortisone shots and pain medications

  • Saves time, money and risks associated with surgery, medications and invasive procedures

  • Keeps your focus on activities that positively affect your bottom line rather than on the pain


Postural Healing And Other Modalities

Postural Alignment Therapy can be used with many different healing modalities and provides life-long benefits. It can both complement and enhance the work that is being done with other practitioners.

Medical Doctor

Postural Healing makes it possible to avoid the use of drugs, surgery or other procedures.


Postural Healing rebalances your muscles which may make adjustments easier and hold longer.


Postural Healing provides unique education regarding healthy feet, aligning them and reducing pain.  


Physical Therapy

Postural Healing rebalances the entire body after injury and following rehabilitation. 

Massage Therapy

Postural Healing complements the benefits of massage by naturally relieving muscle tension and restoring balance.

Also complements: 

  • Acupressure

  • Acupuncture

  • Energy Medicine

  • Homeopathic

  • Naturopathic

  • Osteopathic

  • Nutrition

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About Anna Forliti

You have pain.

You want to thrive in your body.

And you may be wondering if I can help you.

This work found me. Through my own experience with chronic pain I chose to find a way to heal. I am passionate about this work because I have been there and I know firsthand how pain affects your life.

Pain can:

  • take over your thoughts – leaving you less focused, patient and present in your relationships

  • restrict your actions – forcing you to change your activities and life to accommodate the pain 

  • waste your time, energy and money – leaving you feeling frustrated and hopeless 

Are you ready to take action and begin feeling better in your body - like I've done?

Is it time to get back to doing the things you love?

If so, I would love to help you!

Happy Outcomes

Hundreds of clients have returned to active, pain-free lives. 

You can be one of those people too!

“I’ve experienced neck, hip, back, and foot issues over the years and used chiropractic and traditional routes. Nothing provided a holistic picture until I worked with Anna."   -  Pam Snopl

"After a few sessions with Anna I experienced a lot of improvements: improved flexibility in my legs, pain in my middle back was mostly gone, my lower back became stronger, my posture and balance improved. Most importantly to me is that the effects last."   - Tom Schiro

"The movements from our Postural Healing Together class are simple and effective. Anyone can do this and everyone will be glad that they did.”  -  Jenny Clarno

"I did not believe this kind of recovery was possible. Postural Healing allows my body to return to its original (younger) alignment and then whatever is wrong with my musculoskeletal system reverts to its normal and healthy state."   -  Bill Manahan, Past President, American Holistic Medical Association

"My life has changed dramatically. I have been able to eliminate debilitating pain from my legs, hips, lower back and neck. I am an unabashed advocate of Postural Alignment Therapy."   -  Catherine GW


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