Enhanced Athletic

Performance Program

Postural Healing Can Help

Lose the pain.

Up your game.


Prevent injury - all in one program!


Enhance your performance, prevent injuries and continue to live and play pain-free years after competing.

Picture playing your favorite sport or engaging in your favorite activity.


You're on fire – not because you’re in pain, but because you are in a state of flow.


And the best part is that after playing, you feel totally invigorated!


Luke's Story

"Luke is a very active man who especially loves golf and CrossFit.

When I met Luke, he was battling a sudden onset of severe hip pain that had lasted for over a year. The pain forced him to stop his activities. Some days were so bad he could not walk.


At 29, he felt his only options were injections and surgery. Luke had tried chiropractors, doctors and stretches and nothing worked. That’s when he stumbled upon Postural Healing online and decided to give it a try.

We identified where his body was out of balance and created an individualized program designed to realign his body, allowing it to heal naturally. Instead of being in debilitating pain, Luke was pain-free without injections or surgery within the first three sessions. He has not had a single reoccurrence of pain since we began working together over a year ago.

Instead of being unable to walk or enjoy his favorite activities, Luke has the freedom to run, play golf and return to CrossFit classes. In addition, he is able to play and keep up with his young active sons.

Instead of having imbalances in his hips and shoulders during his squats and overhead presses, Luke and his coaches witnessed better posture and alignment. His mobility increased as well as his strength and range of motion.


Not only is Luke's pain gone, but his athletic performance is improved. And because his CrossFit coaches observed his success they have become clients, too!"   - Anna


If you relate to Luke’s story and want to change your current reality, then let’s connect to see if Postural Healing is right for you.

Find your winning edge and make it
easier to achieve your fitness goals.

As an athlete, there are so many benefits to incorporating Postural Healing into your training program. 

Postural Healing helps you re-create muscular balance and realign your joints.

When your body is aligned:

  • you naturally perform at higher levels

  • ​you heal injury and chronic pain

  • you reduce the risk of injury

  • you move through your joints more cleanly and efficiently

  • your muscles fire in the proper sequence and do their intended jobs, reducing compensation that can result in pain and injury

  • you produce movements that are stronger, more balanced, efficient and controlled

  • your range of motion, flexibility, endurance, speed, timing, agility, and strength are all improved

Get Started with Your Initial Postural Assessment

Postural Healing Helps Athletes
Prevent and Heal Injuries



Runner's knee, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, IT band pain and tightness, hamstring injuries



Low back pain, knee pain, hand wrist and arm pain, neck pain



Hip pain, foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, stress fractures



Rotator cuff injuries, meniscus tears, shoulder pain and impingement, knee pain,
back pain, hip pain



Shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain



Hand pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain



Ankle sprains and strains, foot fractures, ACL sprains and tears, meniscus tears,
shin splints



Ankle sprains, knee tendonitis, tennis elbow, wrist pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff
tendinitis, shoulder impingement, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress fractures, knee injuries, hamstring and calf strains, Achilles tendon injury



Back pain, tendonitis in the elbows, knee pain, rotator cuff pain, wrist injuries, neck pain,
hip pain


Your golf swing is only as good as your posture!
  • Do you experience pain and/or limitations in your golf swing?

  • Have you have tried for years without results to change different swing faults or patterns?

  • Do you want to increase flexibility and rotation? Would you like to get more power behind your shots, hitting the ball farther and more accurately?

Despite all the technological improvements in golf equipment, the average handicap has not dropped in the past 16 years.


If your body can’t produce an efficient swing the best set of golf clubs won’t do a thing for you. On the same note, you can have a top golf pro teaching you great technique, but if your body is out of balance and unable to create the desired movement, all the best coaching in the world won’t help you.

Your golf swing is only as good as your posture. Posture comes first. When your body has imbalances then you experience limitations in your swing, not to mention pain or pain “waiting to happen.” Remove the imbalances and you create an opportunity for your body to produce a powerful, balanced golf swing.

Golfers are discovering that the clubs don’t play the game, the golfer does. The only way for you to achieve a lower handicap is to improve your function. Postural Alignment Therapy is an effective means to get there.


  • Play golf without pain

  • Increase hip rotation

  • Increase balance in the address position and throughout the entire golf swing

  • Increase power as a result of increased ability to drive straight through the ball

  • Decrease risk of injury

  • Improve weight shift over the ball

  • Improve your overall golf game

  • Increase your longevity of being able to play the game

  • Improve overall health and quality of life

Enhanced Performance is One Easy Steps Away

Step 1: Schedule Your Initial Postural Assessment

75-Minute Virtual or In-Person Visit


You’ll receive:

  • A review of your health history and lifestyle for clues that may have been overlooked.


  • An Initial Postural Assessment: includes an observation of your static posture and movement patterns.


  • Photos: visual tools for education and measuring your progress.


  • Education of the Postural Alignment Therapy process.

  • Goal setting and customization of your exercise menu.

You' ll discover how your posture and movement patterns relate to your pain and limitations.

Then begin a program that relieves your pain and reduces limitations -

getting you back to doing the things you love.

After your Initial Postural Assessment

Select your Package

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Congratulations on investing in you, your health and getting results.
Pain-free living is priceless.

FSAs and HSAs may be used. Check with your plan.

The Postural Healing Process with Anna


Communication and connection are essential to your healing process.

Anna seeks to understand your personal story, health history, lifestyle and goals. Then she works with you to help you understand and trust your body, to identify the source of your pain and to eliminate your pain and regain control of your life.



Examining your posture and movement provides valuable information to get to the root causes of your symptoms and pain.

Anna looks at your posture and movement patterns to

identify imbalances, dysfunctions and compensations that are causing your symptoms.


Gentle, customized movements and stretches are the back- bone of this program!

Anna customizes a sequence of gentle movements and stretches designed to correct  your posture. Success in achieving your goals requires:

  • Consistently completing your personalized menu of exercises at home

  • Scheduling follow up visits to receive input, updates and new demands as your body shifts

  • Providing feedback and communicating with me.


Prevent and Maintain

Prevention and maintenance keeps you on the path to living the life you love.


It is possible to maintain a pain-free and active life! Check out the testimonials Anna has received from those who have gone before you.



Gain more than enhanced performance!

When you incorporate Postural Healing into your training program you gain more than enhanced performance.

Postural Alignment Therapy is form of gentle corrective exercise designed to realign the eight major load joints.


When aligned, the body naturally performs at higher levels. Improved posture means moving through your joints more cleanly and efficiently.


When muscles are in balance and firing in the proper sequence, then the muscles designed for a given job are being utilized correctly.


This produces movements that are strong, balanced, efficient and controlled. Range of motion/flexibility, endurance, speed, timing, etc., are all improved.

Better Race Times

Align the joints, allow the proper muscles to do their intended job and the result is more efficient movement. More efficient movement means requiring less energy to create the same output. The extra energy can be used elsewhere to create more speed, power, endurance, etc.

Increased Range of Motion

If you don’t have full range of motion you will not be able to implement technique without compensating elsewhere in the body. When we force range of motion we create unnatural movement which eventually leads to joint deterioration, muscle pulls, etc.

Example benefits include:

  • Increased ability to get into and maintain a better position on the bike

  • Increased ability to create smoother, more controlled and efficient swim strokes

  • Increased ability to get a healthy hip extension in your run

Longevity in the Sport

When your joints are aligned, constant grinding and friction is prevented. You can play longer, harder and have fun doing it!

Prevent Injury

Injuries are less likely to occur when your body is functioning in balance. Minimizing compensation and dysfunction creates an environment in which the proper muscles are stabilizing and/or working in an efficient manner. Your movements are then balanced, controlled and agile. When your posture is aligned you experience greater speed, strength and flexibility.

Faster Recovery from Injury

If an injury happens, an aligned body is naturally able to regenerate and heal itself more quickly and fully. A body that is unbalanced will slow the healing process and likely result in movement that has more compensation and dysfunction.

Be Active and Pain-Free No Matter Your Age

Years after competing, wouldn't you like to be able to live, play, be active and pain free?

Improved Breathing and Recovery

When aligned with your chest open, your shoulders and head back, you bring oxygen into your body and circulate it through your system more efficiently.

After your workout, your body is able to recover more quickly.

Long-Term Benefits


Prevent Injuries:

Injuries are less likely to occur when your body is functioning in balance

Recover Faster:

If an injury happens, your aligned body is naturally able to regenerate and heal itself more quickly and fully.


Play Longer and Harder:

When the joints are aligned you save them from constant grinding and friction. Your 

body doesn’t wear down. 


Be Active At Any Age:

Stay active years after you are done competing living and playing pain free. 


Breathe Better:

When your body is aligned, you bring more oxygen in and distribute it throughout your system more efficiently.


Be Healthier:

Breathing better is the single most important way to live healthier. 

Postural Healing is Results Driven

These 50-minute sessions are results driven and designed to keep you on track to reach your goals. Postural Healing is a process, the sessions are tailored to your needs and may include:

  • Postural assessments

  • Functional tests

  • Posture photos


  • An opportunity to track and compare progress

  • A review of your exercise menu to discover how your body has changed, to share observations, answer questions about the exercises and ensure the exercises are being done correctly.

  • An adjustment of the exercise menu based on how your body is responding. With your goals in mind, we may keep the menu the same, tweak it, add or remove exercises or completely change direction with your menu. 

  • Coaching and lifestyle suggestions to help you achieve lasting results. This process makes it possible to get to the cause of your pain or limitation rather than just treating your symptoms. 


Postural Healing programs are completely

customized to you and your body.

Postural Healing programs are the most efficient and effective option for those who really want to get to the root cause of their pain, eliminate the pain, regain function and get the most out of the process.

Visits are 50 minutes and can be done virtually or in-person.

An individualized program is recommended if you:

  • prefer a personalized approach to your wellness and healing

  • value reassessing and adapting your program as your body changes

  • like to measure progress visually with posture photos


  • want to track changes in how you feel and move

  • have moderate to severe pain or limitations in movement, balance or range of motion

  • have specific athletic performance-based goals you want to reach