Better Movement Program

Postural Healing Can Help

Is your body is preventing you

from experiencing life fully?

Regain freedom of movement and

return to joyful living!


Does this describe you?

Have you noticed limited range of motion, trouble with balance and/or struggling with daily tasks?


This program is for people who want to move with more ease.

Here are some common goals:

  • Get up and down easily off the floor

  • Stand up from sitting with ease

  • Put on socks and shoes without having to sit down

  • Improve your balance

  • Reach overhead

  • Turn your head to look for cars while driving

  • Touch your toes

  • Pick up things off the floor

  • Feel strong and confident walking up and down stairs or on uneven surfaces

  • Prevent falls and injury

  • Get back to exercising


Move It or Lose It

Your body has amazing ability to adapt. It is efficient, so when we do not use a muscle, the body conserves energy by shutting it off.


Imagine a shriveled arm after being in a cast for weeks. The exact same thing happens when your posture is not balanced only the process is slow and gradual, so it often goes unnoticed.

When your body is out of balance, certain muscles are not being asked to work and over time they atrophy or stop working causing dysfunction. At the same time other muscles have to overwork to cover for nonfunctioning muscle - this is compensation. These dysfunctions and
compensations not only cause stress to the body, but they also change how the body functions as a unit.

Postural Healing helps to rebalance muscles, realign joints,  and restore healthy, functional movement so you can stop the unnecessary suffering, stressing and sitting on the sidelines of life.


Rediscover What It Feels Like to be

Confident in Your Body

Trust your body to support you through life.

No matter what your movement goal is, Postural Healing can help you get there!

Improve your:

  • Range of Motion

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Stability

  • Strength

  • Movement Patterns

  • Endurance

  • Activity Levels

  • Body Awareness

  • Breathing


All of which reduce your risk of injuries and prevent and relieve chronic pain.


The ability to move freely and

feel good in your body is invaluable.


It's time to say good-bye to limited movement

and return to doing the things you love.

Better Movement is One Easy Steps Away

Step 1: Schedule Your Initial Postural Assessment

75-Minute Virtual or In-Person Visit


You’ll receive:

  • A review of your health history and lifestyle for clues that may have been overlooked.


  • An Initial Postural Assessment: includes an observation of your static posture and movement patterns.


  • Photos: visual tools for education and measuring your progress.


  • Education of the Postural Alignment Therapy process.

  • Goal setting and customization of your exercise menu.

Together, we'll discover how your posture and movement patterns

relate to your pain and limitations.

Then we will begin a program that helps reduce and eliminate your pain and

limitations - getting you back to doing the things you love.

After your Initial Postural Assessment

Select your Package

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8 session.png
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Congratulations on investing in you, your health and getting results.
Pain-free living is priceless.

FSAs and HSAs may be used. Check with your plan.

The Postural Healing Process with Anna


Communication and connection are essential to your healing process.

Anna seeks to understand your personal story, health history, lifestyle and goals. Then she works with you to help you understand and trust your body, to identify the source of your pain and to eliminate your pain and regain control of your life.



Examining your posture and movement provides valuable information to get to the root causes of your symptoms and pain.

Anna looks at your posture and movement patterns to

identify imbalances, dysfunctions and compensations that are causing your symptoms.


Gentle, customized movements and stretches are the back- bone of this program!

Anna customizes a sequence of gentle movements and stretches designed to correct  your posture. Success in achieving your goals requires:

  • Consistently completing your personalized menu of exercises at home

  • Scheduling follow up visits to receive input, updates and new demands as your body shifts

  • Providing feedback and communicating with me.


Prevent and Maintain

Prevention and maintenance keeps you on the path to living the life you love.


It is possible to maintain a pain-free and active life! Check out the testimonials Anna has received from those who have gone before you.

Postural Healing is Results Driven

The 50-minute sessions are designed to keep you on track to reach your goals. Postural Healing is a process, the sessions are tailored to your needs and may include:

  • Postural assessments

  • Functional tests

  • Posture photos

  • A review of your exercise menu to discover how your body has changed, to share observations, answer questions about the exercises and ensure the exercises are being done correctly.

  • An adjustment of the exercise menu based on how your body is responding. With your goals in mind, we may keep the menu the same, tweak it, add or remove exercises or completely change direction with your menu. 

  • Coaching and lifestyle suggestions to help you achieve lasting results. This process makes it possible to get to the cause of your pain or limitation rather than just treating your symptoms. 

PHMPLS Branch.png

"I am really enjoying Postural Healing Together with Anna Forliti. I started participating in these virtual classes and have experienced a reduction in my knee, hip and lower back pain. I also have greater mobility, strength and flexibility! The exercises are very doable and can be done at home and can be adapted for everyone's needs. Anna is a great teacher and makes this a very enjoyable and beneficial experience.” 

Mary Schuster


Ideal for Seniors

When your body moves better, you feel better overall.

Postural Healing uses Postural Alignment Therapy and Mind-Body Medicine Fundamentals to eliminate chronic pain and improve overall health by addressing the body as a whole,

and healing the whole person -- body, mind and spirit.

You can age gracefully!

Remaining functional as we age is becoming more and more challenging with how sedentary we have become as a society. We used to have to move to survive.


Now we try to make our lives as motion-free as possible with all of our modern conveniences: remote controls, garage openers, dishwashers, etc. The old saying, “Move it or lose it,” is quite true.


Our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to our environment. When we do not use certain muscles our body efficiently adapts by shutting the unused muscles off to conserve energy.


When we suddenly need those unused muscles, when tripping on uneven pavement or bending to pick up something, we can be prone to injury because those muscles have become dormant. 

When rebalanced, all the muscles are used as they are intended to be, allowing you to prevent injury and move through life with grace and ease.

  • Do you currently have pain or limitations that hold you back from living to the fullest? 

  • What is it that you wish you could still do?

  • What if it is possible to get back to doing just that?  

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"I didn’t have pain like most people who begin Egoscue, the exercises used in Postural Healing, but I didn’t feel strong and well-balanced. I wanted to increase my strength, flexibility and activity level, and take up cross country skiing and kayaking again.


I feel stronger, have better balance, more energy and increased my activity level 100%. I cross country ski or hike every day and am in better shape now in my 70s, than I was in my 60s. This is due to my commitment to becoming healthy and continuing the exercises that  Anna tailored for me."

Susan I.

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"Instead of having knee replacement surgery, I found Postural Healing and started working with Anna. Since then, I no longer limp and my knee pain has reduced by 98%. I'm able once again to dance and can walk the golf course instead of riding in a cart. My posture has greatly improved, which makes me feel younger than I really am.”

Lee Ferguson

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Regain and retain range of motion without the need for drugs, surgery or special equipment. 

Prevent future injury and damage to joints and soft tissue.

Complements treatments and therapies provided by other modalities.

Teaches life-long tools for living

active and pain-free.

Ideal for any age.

Your movement and everyday functioning can be affected by injury, illness and age. No matter what the cause, we can help you regain range of motion and teach you tools for lifelong pain-free movement.


Move Better. Play Better. Live Better.