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Postural Healing Together!

What is Postural Healing Together?

Postural Healing Together is a virtual community led by Anna Forliti. Participants agree to be respectful, inclusive and kind-hearted.

Our monthly topics focus on the lifelong benefits of creating healthy posture and functional movement as a way to prevent and heal pain. You'll get all of your questions answered and have an opportunity to participate in wholehearted conversations that inspire you to grow and thrive.


Together we participate in postural alignment classes including exercises, breath and meditation practices to create balance and reduce stress. 


Membership includes access to:

     Two Weekly Posture & Meditation Group Classes 

     Two Weekly Posture & Strength Group Classes


     Examples of Monthly Topics

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • The Site of Pain is Not the Cause of Pain

  • The Body's Natural Ability to Heal

  • Body Awareness

  • The Magic of Meditation

  • The Stress-Pain Cycle

  • Anti-inflammatory Foods

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“I am really enjoying Postural Healing Together taught by Anna Forliti. Since I've been participating, I've experienced a reduction in my knee, hip and lower back pain. I have greater mobility, strength and flexibility. Anna is a great teacher!”


Mary Schuster


 “Working with Anna has improved my posture so much! In just a short period of time my neck and shoulders have loosened up and I am much more aware of my body. I've noticed a significant reduction in my lower back pain. The movements Anna teaches me are simple and effective. Anyone can do this and everyone will be glad that they did!”   

Jenny Clarno

Postural Healing Together Membership

Let's move, improve and align together!

Posture & Meditation


Tuesdays and Thursdays

12:00 Noon CT

45 Minutes

Posture exercises and meditation for anyone regardless of limitations or fitness level

  • Align your body

  • Relieve stress and tension

  • Deepen body awareness

  • Connect with community

Topic-of-the-Month Virtual


1st Wednesday of Each Month

12:00 Noon CT

60 Minutes

Educational discussions centered on topics that support your wellbeing

  • Learn posture tips and tools

  • Get answers to questions

  • Choose a monthly action

  • Connect with community

Posture & Strength


Tuesdays and Thursdays

12:45 to 1:15 PM CT

30 Minutes

Straightening and strengthening exercises with posture in mind

for a better body

  • Strengthen your body 

  • Align your posture

  • Prevent injury

  • Connect with community

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Initial Assessment!


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“Anna’s classes are a great combination of mind and body work. She has a lovely way of leading meditation and her deep knowledge of the posture exercises helps her guide them in a clear way. I've been working with Anna for many months. The exercises she prescribed are really helping with my posture and overall flexibility.” 

Sam B.

Want to learn more?

Join our FREE virtual workshop

Introduction to Postural Healing for Pain-Free Living 

  • Discover how posture relates to pain, movement and performance.


  • Learn about design posture and how you can restore alignment in your body.

  • Experience posture exercises and feel the immediate shifts they create in your body.

  • Ask questions.

Offered Monthly


Limited to 10 Participants

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Pain-Free Active Lifestyle Facebook Group

Stay connected and updated. Ask questions and get answers.

Learn tips for:

  • healing from chronic pain

  • preventing injury

  • improving mobility and balance

  • maximizing athletic performance

  • correcting posture

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“Anna’s Postural Healing class is one of the few bright spots of the past three months. Because of Covid, I’m working in a makeshift home office and unable to do my usual routine at a gym. Anna’s class keeps me committed to pausing twice a week to listen to my body. Her exercises loosen my sore spots and her meditations calm the mind. Anna senses the vibe of the day and adjusts the class to bring a sense of peace and healing.”

Pam Snopl

"Take 15 minutes to change your life.

Call me to discuss your goals and learn more about the power of Postural Healing. Let's do this."