Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Postural Healing?

Postural Healing was founded by Anna Forliti in 2012. She uses Postural Alignment Therapy and Mind-Body Medicine Fundamentals to eliminate chronic pain and improve overall health. Her work addresses the body as a whole -- aligning body, mind and spirit.

Anna’s mission is to empower her clients with all the tools they need to eliminate their chronic pain, restore movement, and age gracefully without any limitations.

Postural Healing is a process focused on:

  • Eliminating the cause of your pain and dysfunction

  • Regaining healthy movement

  • Reconnecting with your body's own wisdom

  • Gaining lifelong tools and knowledge to keep you pain-free, functional and active -- doing the things you love

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What is Postural Alignment Therapy?

Chronic pain can be scary and after trying many things people often begin feeling hopeless. Most chronic pain treatments only address symptoms or try to numb or mask pain. Postural Alignment Therapy is different because it focuses on the source of pain so you can heal. This process addresses postural issues that are at the root of the ongoing discomfort.

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What is the Egoscue Method?

"The Egoscue Method was created by Pete Egoscue, a former Marine Corps Major, through his efforts to find solutions for his own chronic pain. His story is familiar to anyone who has suffered without being able to find relief and the solutions he discovered on his journey can help you be pain-free for life and live the life you want!

More than four decades ago, Pete Egoscue returned form Vietnam with a Purple Heart and ongoing nerve pain due to wounds suffered in the battle. Life many of us, Pete was conditioned to rely on medical experts, but they focused on his symptoms and were unable to help him. So Pete began his search for a way to live pain-free, finding the true cause of his symptoms - his posture and balance."

From The Egoscue Method: egoscue.com

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How Does Postural Alignment Therapy Work?

Postural Alignment Therapy assesses the body for imbalances and then uses tailored gentle movement to correct posture. Unlike typical stretches and exercise, Postural Healing clients receive a customized sequence of exercises that realign their eight major load joints (ankles, knees, hips and shoulders), returning the body to its natural, healthy posture.

Restoring alignment and balance allows the body to naturally regenerate and heal itself while improving overall health.  

Postural Alignment Therapy treats the body as a whole, focusing on eliminating the cause of pain and dysfunction rather than treating symptoms. The benefits provide a lifetime of pain-free, active living. 


What is Mind-Body Medicine?

When healing is done from a whole-person perspective, mind and body, rather than focusing on one part of the body, healing happens at a much deeper level.

Chronic pain can show up as a result of physical, emotional and/or psycho-logical stresses throughout life. Up to 80% of all illnesses are related to chronic stress. Unresolved chronic pain can create new emotional and psychological stressors and patterns that can limit or slow one's ability to heal.

The science of Mind-Body Medicine uses techniques for self-awareness and self-expression that reconnect people to their bodies. Stress is reduced,  chronic pain is eliminated and trust of the body's wisdom is restored.

How Long Before I Feel Better?

During the Initial Postural Assessment, many people experience a positive shift and improvement. However, it is important to remember that this work is a process.

In most cases, it took a long time for your body to get where it currently is and it will take time for it to move back toward your ideal posture. Be patient with yourself. This may take six to twelve months. Each individual is beautifully and magnificently unique. Bodies respond and heal at their own pace, in their own way.

Postural Healing helps the healing process by focusing on what the body is able to do in the moment rather than encouraging a person to push through their pain. Symptoms can disappear early on, however the goal is to address the cause of pain and dysfunction. It is important to continue the process of aligning so that symptoms don't return or move to a new location within the body.

How Does The Exercise Menu Work?

How Long Is My Exercise Menu?

The exercise menu and program is individualized and varies from person to person. The average exercise menu is between twenty to sixty minutes long. 

How Often Do I Need To Do My Exercises?

The exercise menu is typically done once daily. In some cases, it will be done more than once a day.

Do I Have To Do My Exercise Menu In Order, Start To Finish?

Yes, do the exercise menu at least once a day in order from start to finish. The sequencing of the exercises is important.


Outside of that requirement, any exercises that feel beneficial to your body throughout the day can be done to bring pain levels down.

Is It Normal To Feel Sore After My Exercises?

Yes, muscle soreness is normal as different muscles are reawakened and the body begins to adjust to moving in a new position. Soreness is different than pain. If pain occurs, then communicate that to me right away so adjustments can be made to the menu.

How Is Postural Alignment Therapy Different from Yoga or Pilates?

Postural Healing tailors each exercise program to eliminate specific structural dysfunctions and compensations. As the body moves back into balance, pain, limitation and dysfunction goes away.

Think of Postural Healing as foundational. Once your body is aligned, you will be capable of efficient and pain-free movement. You will enjoy greater range of motion, strength, speed, agility, balance and stamina. You will be able to safely do all of the activities you love.

Can I Still See My Other Health Practitioners While Doing Postural Alignment Therapy?

Yes, Postural Alignment Therapy can be used with many different healing modalities. It can both complement and enhance the work that is being done by others.


For example if you are seeing a chiropractor, the exercises are retraining your body to be in a better position which can make the chiropractic adjustments easier for the doctor. The exercises help your body hold adjustments longer.


What Is The Cost?

Postural Healing is affordable. There is a program that fits every budget and I will work with you to make sure you receive this extraordinary level of care.

A unique aspect of the Postural Healing programs is the connection and collaboration I provide to you even outside our scheduled sessions (via e-mail or phone). I'll check in with you to see how you are doing physically and get your feedback on your exercise menu. I'll answer your questions and be your continued support for the duration of your program. 

Your time, energy and commitment are key to your healing and make every dollar invested well spent. Healing, life-long tools and a greater sense of wellbeing are priceless -- you are worth it!

Is Postural Healing Covered By Insurance?

Postural Healing is not covered by insurance because it is non-medical.


If you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account you may be able to use those funds to pay for your Postural Healing program.

Do I Need To Purchase Special Equipment?

You do not need to purchase any equipment. You can use household items for most of the exercises.

Some people choose to purchase equipment.  Egoscue equipment can be found at egoscue.com.

Is Postural Healing Right For Me?

Consider your answers to the following questions:

  • How much is your health worth to you?

  • Do you feel vibrant and healthy?

  • Do you currently have pain and/or limitations that hold you back from doing all of the things you love the most?

  • What is it you wish you could still do and what if it's possible to get back to doing just that?

You Can Expect

You'll be heard, respected and valued as the expert of your own body -- your input and intuition matter.

You will receive an individualized program to get you back to doing the things you love.

You will have greater body awareness, learn to know when you are out of balance and have lifelong tools to realign yourself and maintain your wellbeing. 

You will learn how your beliefs, emotions, stress and other factors influence your body's ability to heal and regenerate -- body, mind and spirit.

I will help you get there.


As a posture expert, I partner with you

to discover the underlying cause of your pain. I provide professional guidance and encouragement as you heal.