Pain Relief Program

Postural Healing Can Help

You have pain.

You want to feel good in your body.


And you are ready to change your story.


“Pain is not something to be feared; it is something to be understood.”
Pete Egoscue, Founder of the Egoscue Method

Pain appears when your body is out of balance.

Many things can shift your body out of alignment, causing pain and limitations:


  • old injuries

  • hours of sitting at desks or driving

  • technology 

  • repetitive motions from work or exercise

  • sedentary lifestyles

  • postural dysfunctions such as scoliosis

Postural Healing focuses on shifting your body back into balance, eliminating the dysfunction that is causing your pain.

Postural Healing programs are completely customized to you and your body.

Postural Healing programs are the most efficient and effective option for those who really want to get to the root cause of their pain, eliminate the pain, regain function and get the most out of the process.

Visits are 50 minutes and can be done virtually or in-person.


An individualized program is recommended if you:

  • prefer a personalized approach to your wellness and healing

  • value reassessing and adapting your program as your body changes

  • like to measure progress visually with posture photos


  • want to track changes in how you feel and move

  • have moderate to severe pain or limitations in movement, balance or range of motion

  • have specific athletic performance-based goals you want to reach 


It's time to say good-bye to your pain

and return to doing the things you love.

Pain Relief is One Easy Step Away

Step 1: Schedule Your Initial Postural Assessment

75-Minute Virtual or In-Person Visit


You’ll receive:

  • A review of your health history and lifestyle for clues that may have been overlooked.


  • An Initial Postural Assessment: includes an observation of your static posture and movement patterns.


  • Photos: visual tools for education and measuring your progress.


  • Education of the Postural Alignment Therapy process.

  • Goal setting and customization of your exercise menu.

You' ll discover how your posture and movement patterns relate to your pain and limitations.

Then begin a program that relieves your pain and reduces limitations -

getting you back to doing the things you love.

After your Initial Postural Assessment

Select your Package

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Congratulations on investing in you, your health and getting results.
Pain-free living is priceless.

FSAs and HSAs may be used. Check with your plan.

The Postural Healing Process with Anna


Communication and connection are essential to your healing process.

Anna seeks to understand your personal story, health history, lifestyle and goals. Then she works with you to help you understand and trust your body, to identify the source of your pain and to eliminate your pain and regain control of your life.



Examining your posture and movement provides valuable information to get to the root causes of your symptoms and pain.

Anna looks at your posture and movement patterns to

identify imbalances, dysfunctions and compensations that are causing your symptoms.


Gentle, customized movements and stretches are the back- bone of this program!

Anna customizes a sequence of gentle movements and stretches designed to correct  your posture. Success in achieving your goals requires:

  • Consistently completing your personalized menu of exercises at home

  • Scheduling follow up visits to receive input, updates and new demands as your body shifts

  • Providing feedback and communicating with me.


Prevent and Maintain

Prevention and maintenance keeps you on the path to living the life you love.


It is possible to maintain a pain-free and active life! Check out the testimonials Anna has received from those who have gone before you.


Live. Be active. Be pain-free.

PHMPLS Branch.png

"I was dealing with almost a year of chronic shoulder pain before my first visit to Postural Healing.  The shoulder pain was completely gone after a few days of following the exercises that Anna set me up with. The evaluations are thorough and posture movements are clear. The phone app exercises give the details needed to follow them confidently and correctly.  She does great follow-up to change the regimen of movements to achieve optimal realignment and strength.  I highly recommend dealing with skeletal/muscular/neuro pain by letting Anna at Postural Healing help you."

Chris Ederer

Posture Healing Solutions
For all types of pain

Foot pain is very common. People often come to Postural Healing for back or major joint pain and bring up foot pain as a side note.

Many people ignore and mistreat their feet despite how important they are in day-to-day life. Your feet and ankles are the base of your support and are the foundation on which you stand. Your feet carry the weight and take the impact of all that you do.

Feet are complex with many moving pieces - 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons.


Your feet, like the rest of your body, are strong when they are in alignment. Even though feet have a lot of moving parts, creating an environment for their health is simple.

It is possible to relieve pain due to conditions like bunions, hammer toes, bone spurs, Morton's Neuroma, plantar fasciosis or plantar fasciitis. More importantly, your feet and ankles play an essential role in healthy, pain-free
posture and movement.

Your loyal, hardworking feet are asking you take action to:

  • Prevent and relieve your foot pain

  • Discover what is causing your foot issues

  • Receive guidance on footwear and other resources to eliminate your foot pain

  • Receive posture exercises to help prevent and reduce foot pain 

  • Receive tips for you to have healthy, happy feet!

Foot Pain


Knee Pain

Whether you have cartilage damage, a Baker’s cyst, patellofemoral pain, osteoarthritis, bursitis, patellar tendonitis, torn meniscus or other knee pain Postural Healing can help.


Knee pain can be eliminated by creating alignment between the hip, knee and ankle joints. Realigning your
posture reduces grinding and friction that can create inflammation, cartilage degeneration and pain.


When aligned, you create an environment where your knee is naturally able to heal.


Hip Pain

The pelvis connects your upper and lower body, playing a vital role in supporting healthy posture
and movement.

The position of the pelvis affects everything above and below that point. This is especially true with the hip joints.


Hip flexor pain, gluteal pain, leg pain, sciatica and hip
joint pain including osteoarthritis can all result from pelvic and hip misalignment.

Postural Healing can bring the pelvis back into a neutral position allowing the hips to function as designed.

This alignment provides relief to muscles that were over-compensating and prevents further damage to the joints while allowing the space for healing to take place.


Back Pain

SI Joint, Low Back, Mid Back, Upper Back


Back spasms, herniated discs, SI pain and spinal conditions like scoliosis, stenosis, spondylosis, spondylolysis, and spondylolisthesis can all lead to chronic pain.


Anyone who has experienced back pain knows how debilitating it can be.


Postural Healing can relieve your pain by helping you restore the s-curve of your spine. This restoration gives your discs the space to heal while relieving pressure and reducing pain.

Head and Neck Pain

Headaches, Migraines, Jaw Pain

It is now common to see people’s heads jut forward due to lots of time spent sitting at computers. This poor posture brings about many issues like cervical/neck pain, headaches, migraines, TMJ, balance and vertigo issues.


Postural Healing focuses on restoring your posture which allows your head to sit level and stacked over your shoulders, relieving tension, strain and pain.


Shoulder and Clavicle Pain

When your shoulders round forward it reduces your shoulder joint range of motion, making you more prone to injury.


Rounded shoulders can result in rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement and frozen shoulder.


Postural Healing helps you relieve shoulder pain by restoring your proper posture.


As your shoulders fall back in line with your ankles, knees, hips and ears, pain is relieved and range of motion is restored.


Nerve Pain

Sciatica, Neuromas, Carpal Tunnel

When your posture is misaligned, nerves can be impinged or irritated, causing numbness,
tingling and pain.


Some common nerve pain issues include sciatica, Morton’s Neuroma and carpal tunnel.


Postural Healing can help by rebalancing muscles and aligning joints so that the nerves are no longer being impinged. This alignment gives the nerves space to calm down and heal which over time relieves pain and discomfort.

Postural Healing is Results Driven

These 50-minute sessions are results driven and designed to keep you on track to reach your goals. Postural Healing is a process, the sessions are tailored to your needs and may include:

  • Postural assessments

  • Functional tests

  • Posture photos


  • An opportunity to track and compare progress

  • A review of your exercise menu to discover how your body has changed, to share observations, answer questions about the exercises and ensure the exercises are being done correctly.

  • An adjustment of the exercise menu based on how your body is responding. With your goals in mind, we may keep the menu the same, tweak it, add or remove exercises or completely change direction with your menu. 

  • Coaching and lifestyle suggestions to help you achieve lasting results. This process makes it possible to get to the cause of your pain or limitation rather than just treating your symptoms. 


The site of pain is rarely the cause of pain.

Postural Alignment Therapy treats your body as a whole and focuses on

eliminating the cause of pain and dysfunction rather than treating symptoms.

postural healing logo.png

Eliminate musculoskeletal pain without the need for drugs, surgery or special equipment. 

Prevent future injury and damage to joints and soft tissue.

Complements treatments and therapies provided by other modalities.

I am dedicated to helping you heal from all kinds of chronic pain. You'll learn ways to relieve your pain, reconnect with your body and return to your favorite activities.


Teaches life-long tools for living

active and pain-free.

PHMPLS Branch.png

"I had back surgery in 2001 and re-injured the same area in 2012. I was told I needed surgery again, but instead, did rehab programs which got me back to a minimal functional level. I experienced mild pain to significant pain requiring Ibuprofen. The pain was always on my mind.

I noticed significant improvements immediately after a single month working with Anna Forliti. After four months, I can honestly say that my back feels like it did before my initial injury! It continues to be a fantastic surprise when I wake up each day because my body is preparing for the old pain and stiffness and it's not there.

I absolutely recommend Postural Healing to anyone dealing with chronic back pain. The method, combined with the sincere interest Anna took to relieve my pain has made a huge, positive difference in my life!"


Scott Clemente