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Kim: I Was Hopeless

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George: Pain Consumes You

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Avoided Back Surgery

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"I had debilitating pain and could barely get out of bed.

On the verge of getting back surgery after years of pain and trying everything, I took one last chance and tried Postural Healing with Anna. After some dedication, discipline and time I felt I'd experienced a miracle! Instead of being in severe pain and struggling to get out of bed, I can walk again.

I have been working with Anna for years in one-on-one virtual sessions and am grateful for her generous, insightful, professional healing work.

Anna is extremely kind, patient and supportive -- exactly what is needed when you see no light at the end of the tunnel. She brings the light back, combining heart and expertise.


No words can describe how thankful I will always be to Anna Forliti. I highly recommend Postural Healing!"

Maia Ibar

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Avoided Hip Surgery

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"Anna has done wonders for both my posture and quality of life. I battled a sudden onset of severe hip pain for over a year. I tried chiropractors, doctors and stretches and nothing worked. Some days were so bad I could not walk.


At 29, and left with my only option being injections and surgery, I stumbled across Postural Healing online. I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision I could have made.


Through focused movements, we have realigned my body and in just a short time my pain was gone. I have not had a single recurrence of pain since I started working with Anna a year ago.


I have returned to running, weight training and golfing! Anna is a wonderful practitioner and truly cares about the success of her clients. I recommend Postural Healing to anyone suffering from pain."    

Luke Schmidt

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No More Neck, Shoulder,

Hip and Knee Problems

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"Bad posture, sitting at a desk job for 20 years, along with a few sports injuries, have all contributed to my neck, shoulder, hip and knee problems.


I tried yoga, stretching and chiropractic care. I got temporary relief but I did not the results I was hoping for. I heard about postural alignment therapy (Egoscue) through a Tony Robbins seminar and was happy to find Anna Forliti and Postural Healing.


After a few sessions with Anna I experienced a lot of improvements: improved flexibility in my legs, pain in my middle back was mostly gone, my lower back became stronger, my posture and balance improved. Most importantly to me is that the effects last. Overall I just feel better and much lighter on my feet.

I no longer need a chiropractor and look forward to more improvements as I continue working with Anna. I highly recommend giving Postural Healing a try."

Tom Schiro

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Avoided Hip Surgery

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"At age 68, it seemed pretty normal for me to have chronic pain from osteoarthritis of my right hip. Many of my friends had already had hip or knee replacements, so walking with a limp without much pain meant that I was doing quite well.

To avoid limping so much, I had been using walking poles on my three-mile daily exercise walk for the past four years. I also used to stumble slightly when I got up from a sitting position (meaning that my hip would feel like it was "giving out”). And I had pain at night when I rolled on to that right hip. My orthopedic surgeon told me I would need a new hip in a few years.

I was amazed and pleased that after three months of working with Anna Forliti and doing my daily posture exercises, I am pain free and limp free. I have not used my walking poles since. I no longer stumble or feel like my hip is giving out when I get up.


I did not believe this kind of recovery was possible. Postural Healing allows my body to return to its original (younger) alignment and then whatever is wrong with my musculoskeletal system reverts to its normal and healthy state.

Rather than treating a specific problem or disease, this therapy encourages the body to revisit its normal postural positioning so it can heal itself. I highly recommend seeing Anna Forliti. She is a superb and compassionate healer and person."

Bill Manahan, M.D.

Past President, American Holistic Medical Association

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Good-bye Sciatica
Plantar Fasciitis

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“I experienced a severe bout of sciatica and was bedridden and down for the count. I could only lay in one position or stand, but couldn’t walk, sit or find comfort. I was in bed 23 hours a day for over a MONTH. I tried energy body work, chiropractic, lots of meditation, but nothing seemed to have any lasting affect for relief...until I found the book, Pain Free, that sited the Egoscue method of postural alignment therapy.

Thankfully, I found Anna’s website and immediately knew she was the one for me. With her guidance, the Egoscue exercises which I had read about created alignment and freedom of movement in my body.

While my recovery took longer than one session, the experience of working with Anna was hugely impactful and pivotal -- not only to my healing, but also in awakening, awareness and prevention of future ailments. 

Working together, Anna has thoughtfully helped to guide me back to newfound mobility, safety and freedom inside my body. And unexpected benefit is that I’ve been able to completely recover from plantar fasciitis. 

I believe this information is foundational to good health and that it should be taught to everyone at a young age. The book Pain Free has become my favorite gift to give. And the experience of working with Anna has been quite a gift for me…she’s compassionate, intuitive, attentive, warm and super comfortable to be with. I strongly recommend her life-saving services to anyone looking to enjoy better health.” 

Amber Young

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Less Painful Foot Neuroma

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"I have been working with Anna for over a year and have loved everything about the process. My individual sessions were geared toward correcting a painful neuroma in my foot.


I never expected to receive the benefits of better posture, less frequent bouts with back pain and a desire to stick with an exercise program that helps my body function better.


Both the individual appointments and Anna’s classes are wonderful! Her kind and caring way make me grateful that I found her as an Egoscue practitioner. As for the neuroma, it’s still there but the pain level has diminished. Someday I hope to report back that it is gone completely. Thanks for all you do Anna!

Carol Hoff

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Able to Drive Long

Distances Again

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I drive a lot for my job and I started experiencing sciatica. As soon as I stopped after driving long distances, I would have to walk around for the pain to go away. Then the pain would reoccur when I resumed driving. I constantly felt stiff and my left side was hurting. I knew I needed to see someone soon.


I learned about Egoscue from listening to a podcast and found Anna and Postural Healing through the Egoscue website. Finding Anna has been one of the best things to happen to me. After the first session with her I noticed a difference in my shoulders and was able to sleep that night without having to switch sides.


I have been working with Anna for a little over six months. I am happy to say that I stand straighter and I can drive long distances without pain or stiffness.


Thank you so much Anna, for helping me to heal!"

Jessica Stone Manship

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Avoided Knee Replacement

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"While doing some autumn yard clean-up, I noticed discomfort in my knee. Over the next several weeks the pain continued to increase and then the pain became so acute I felt crippled. I was noticeably limping and unable to enjoy doing the things I love most (golfing and dancing). My quality of life diminished greatly.


I had my knee assessed by a non-surgical orthopedic doctor. The doctor tried Cortisone injections and suggested physical therapy, but the results were not what I had hoped for. I was still limping and in pain. Then the doctor ordered an MRI to determine the root cause of the problem, and to my dismay I learned that I would need a complete knee replacement. I scheduled the surgical procedure and was resigned to the fact that this was the only way to relieve the pain and regain my quality of life.

Instead of having surgery, I found Postural Healing and started working with Anna. Since then, I no longer limp and my knee pain has reduced by 98%. I'm able once again to dance and can walk the golf course instead of riding in a cart. My posture has greatly improved, which makes me feel younger than I really am.”

Lee Ferguson

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No More Chronic Pain

After Roll-Over Accident

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"A roll-over vehicle accident resulted in multiple surgeries. Yoga, Pilates, various fitness activities, physical therapy, chiropractic, Rolfing and massage therapy only gave me temporary pain relief. 

Then a chronic pain rehabilitation physician advised $2000 Botox injections into my muscles. Instead, my family physician recommended a postural assessment and movement program by Anna Forliti of Postural Healing.

She assessed my posture, taught me Postural Healing exercises and refined my program which has eliminated my pain and restored function. Anna's services are cost effective, with lasting results. 


Professional, compassionate, helpful, insightful, resourceful, informed, reliable and efficient describe Anna Forliti.

I recommend Anna to others who will benefit from rehabilitation due to injury. Preventative care, improvement in general health and aging gracefully are other lovely benefits from Postural Healing.

Ruth Marg-Patton, MS

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

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Pain Relief with No Pills

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"Luck and serendipity brought me to Anna and the Postural Alignment Therapy. That first visit opened my eyes to a world of possibilities for pain relief with no pills and no invasive treatments. Anna is a natural healer and she presented the Postural Alignment Therapy in exactly the way I needed. It was understandable, accessible, and tangible. My life has changed dramatically. I have been able to eliminate debilitating pain from my legs, hips, lower back and neck. I am an unabashed advocate of Postural Alignment Therapy. Its principles are sound and its claims to offer “pain-free living” are justified."

Catherine GW

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Pilot Now Flying Happy

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"I am a pilot in the military and had recently returned from a four-month deployment to the Middle East and Central Asia. As one can imagine, being a pilot requires long hours of sitting which can cause significant back pain and/or discomfort. My deployment was no exception and progressively, the pain and discomfort had a serious impact on my life: many sleepless nights, increased stress and even difficulty exercising. In addition to my back pain, I also developed plantar fasciitis while deployed. Needless to say, I was a "wreck" when I returned home.


I had been referred to Anna and Postural Healing by a massage therapist who recognized my slowly deteriorating state of health. Over the next few months working with Anna, I found Postural Alignment Therapy to be a perfect remedy for my back pain and plantar fasciitis. I began sleeping better and was able to literally get back on my feet and begin exercising at the levels I had been.


I discovered flexibility, movement and range of motion I never dreamed possible before consulting with Anna. What I like most about the program is that it is a natural process, tailored to meet the needs of any person. The exercises can be done, quite literally, anywhere in the world and require no special equipment.


I absolutely recommend Anna and Postural Healing to anyone. Whether you have a good bill of health or have struggled with similar pains or discomforts as I have, there is something EVERYONE can benefit from in this program."

Grant Webber

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Saved My Knee from

Further Damage

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"Thank you so much for all of your help. You have definitely saved my knee from further damage! My knee is continuing to get better – I’m still doing the exercises two times a day, and I can feel it getting stronger!

Thanks so much for your scheduling flexibility and your help with my knee. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels now! Because of my wonderful results I will happily be referring others to you."


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Referring Patients From


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"I have had back pain and related symptoms for 50 years, and have engaged in many different therapeutic approaches to relieving my pain. Working with Anna Forliti by Skype (she is in Minnesota and I am in Spain) since January 2014, I feel that a miracle is taking place.


Through Anna's expert and encouraging way of teaching, she is guiding me to learn how to relax and strengthen my body, how to work with the support of gravity, how to bring breath into movement and how to feel deeply.


In addition to my personal experience with Anna, I have referred participants with whom I work in my Integrative Health practice and all have been very appreciative of their sessions with Anna. She offers extraordinary expertise and a lovely, gentle manner. I give Anna and her work my highest recommendation."


Kathryn Hayward, MD

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Best Investment

I've Ever Made

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"Postural Alignment Therapy has been the best investment I’ve ever made. Anna tailors my workouts to my needs. She really listens, is very warm and encouraging -- and I think most people would benefit from working with her."

Maureen Messer

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Avoided Hip Surgery 

and Back in the Saddle

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“Chronic pain was affecting all aspects of my life. Severe arthritic hip pain was interfering with my ability to walk. Extreme lack of range of motion and pain in my hip had prevented me from getting on my horse for three years. Upper back pain, which I initially attributed to aging, affected my overall stamina. The simple task of washing dishes became painful and required me sit down for relief. My restricted activity was making me feel less useful as a human being.

My medical doctor was recommending cortisone shots and hip surgery. He also advised me not to ride my horse now or even after surgery. I felt deprived because riding was an activity I loved sharing with my husband. I did not want to have surgery, so I took the recommendation of a friend to work with Anna Forliti.

Within the first month I was sleeping better because I no longer had hip pain while sleeping. And I walked without leg pain for the first time in three years.

Within three months I no longer had back pain. And I discovered that I had gained enough hip mobility to paint my toe nails!! It was then I realized I may be able get back on my horse again! We set a new goal of getting on my horse by the summer.

After ten months of working with Anna, I am back on the saddle and ride my horse again!! It feels satisfying to have achieved this level of fitness.”

MaryJo Sievertson

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Anna is a Great Teacher

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"I am really enjoying Postural Healing Together with Anna Forliti. I started participating in these virtual classes and have experienced a reduction in my knee, hip and lower back pain. I also have greater mobility, strength and flexibility! The exercises are very doable and can be done at home and can be adapted for everyone's needs. Anna is a great teacher and makes this a very enjoyable and beneficial experience.” 

Mary Schuster

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Avoided Rotator Cuff


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By doing this deceivingly simple Postural Alignment Therapy faithfully over the last few months, I avoided rotator cuff surgery. I still have a torn rotator cuff, as many people do, but I no longer have pain in my back, shoulder and neck. I’m much more flexible, am able to lift weights and do everything I want to do.


I have better posture than ever before. I’m actually surprised it’s worked so well because I had done all the physical therapy my orthopedic doctor prescribed. I can’t recommend Anna enough. She is extraordinarily positive and patient, and listens carefully. As a nurse, I greatly respect and appreciate her approach to holistic healing."

Denise Musser

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Cross Country Skiing

With Ease Over 70

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"I saw Anna for the first time because my good friend convinced me of the benefits of Postural Alignment Therapy. I saw my friend walk with perfect posture and began to envy that. I had an Initial Postural Assessment evaluation with Anna Forliti and was given a menu of exercises suited to my areas of imbalance, postural instability and weakness.


I didn’t have pain like most people who begin Egoscue, the exercises used in Postural Healing, but I didn’t feel strong and well-balanced. I wanted to increase my strength, flexibility and activity level, and take up cross country skiing and kayaking again.


I feel stronger, have better balance, more energy and increased my activity level 100%. I cross country ski or hike every day and am in better shape now in my 70s, than I was in my 60s. This is due to my commitment to becoming healthy and continuing the exercises that  Anna tailored for me."

Susan I

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No More Orthotics

Plantar Fasciitis Relief

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“I’ve experienced neck, hip, back, and foot issues over the years and used chiropractic and traditional routes. Nothing provided a holistic picture until I worked with Anna. My first private session with her pointed to issues in my posture and stance, and I saw almost immediate improvement after following her customized recommendations.


My plantar fasciitis has eased and I no longer wear orthotics. Anna’s Postural Healing Together group classes are also very helpful in bringing people together in a supportive virtual environment. In this year of COVID, the classes are an oasis to pause, breathe and listen to the mind and body. I highly recommend Anna’s individual sessions and group classes."

Pam Snopl

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Attentive to Details

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"Anna was a great help and resource, and I was very pleased with how she worked with me. Her assessment is detailed and she is very attentive to the needs and desires of the client."

Adrian Wood-Smith

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Professional Recommendation

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"I am a professional massage therapist and have seen excellent results with one of my clients as a result of working with Anna. My client's body is much looser and she told me what a wonderful experience she had with Anna. I have passed out your cards to others."

Treece Kampmeyer

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Anyone Can Do This

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“Working with Anna has improved my posture so much! In just a short period of time, my neck and shoulders have loosened up and my body awareness has improved. I have also noticed a significant reduction in my lower back pain. The movements from our Postural Healing Together class are simple and effective. Anyone can do this and everyone will be glad that they did.”

Jenny Clarno

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Relief from Enduring Pain 

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"As someone who has suffered with excruciating back and shoulder pain for more than 30 years (curved spine, long hours at a desk and traveling around the world on cramped airline seats), I reached out to Anna for help. Because of realigning my posture, the pain relief is astonishing and enduring. Massage, acupuncture and chiropractic work gave me some immediate pain relief, yet working with Anna is different. She has given me the tools to get to the root causes of my pain and I am healing."

Brooke Anderson

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Chronic Shoulder Pain 


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"I was dealing with almost a year of chronic shoulder pain before my first visit to Postural Healing.  The shoulder pain was completely gone after a few days of following the exercises that Anna set me up with.  


The evaluations are thorough and posture movements are clear. The phone app exercises give the details needed to follow them confidently and correctly. She does great follow-up to change the regimen of movements to achieve optimal realignment and strength.  I highly recommend dealing with skeletal/muscular/neuro pain by letting Anna at Postural Healing help you."

Chris Ederer

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Avoided Back Surgery

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"I had back surgery in 2001 and re-injured the same area in 2012. I was told I needed surgery again, but instead, did rehab programs which got me back to a minimal functional level. I experienced mild pain to significant pain requiring Ibuprofen. The pain was always on my mind.

I noticed significant improvements immediately after a single month working with Anna Forliti. After four months, I can honestly say that my back feels like it did before my initial injury! It continues to be a fantastic surprise when I wake up each day because my body is preparing for the old pain and stiffness and it's not there.

I absolutely recommend Postural Healing to anyone dealing with chronic back pain. The method, combined with the sincere interest Anna took to relieve my pain has made a huge, positive difference in my life!"

Scott Clemente

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Improved Posture

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"Working with Anna at Postural Healing has helped improve my posture, feel stronger and more confident. Anna customized a series of exercises to strengthen my posture and was mindful of the amount of time I was willing to dedicate each day to doing them.  I highly recommend seeing Anna if you have any issues with posture and/or back pain."

Stephanie Samara

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Eliminated Neck and

Clavicle Pain

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"Thankfully I found Anna by being at the right place at the right time. She gave me the guidance and exercises I needed to eliminate my neck and clavicle pain. I'd already been to a chiropractor and family physician and was really open to trying anything. Within a few weeks, not only did my posture improve but my pain was gone. I will continue to see Anna for postural coaching because it is already improving my health. I recommend giving her the opportunity to help you too."

Cynthia Smith

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Posture Exercises Plus


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“Anna’s classes are a great combination of mind and body work. She has a lovely way of leading meditation and her deep knowledge of the posture exercises helps her guide them in a clear way. I have been working with Anna for many months and I feel the exercises she has prescribed for me are really helping with my posture and overall flexibility.” 

Sam B

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Immediate Results

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"I saw immediate results in my first visit. It was informative and helpful to get exercises that I could do daily. Anna was very detailed in how I could manage some immediate pain. She put me on the right path to healing through postural alignment. I highly recommend Postural Healing!"

BJ LaVelle

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I can't say enough good
things about Anna!

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“ I have been suffering from chronic low back and leg pain for years.  In the last 2 years the pain had moved down to my right leg and feet.  I had tried everything: chiropractor, massage therapists, acupuncture, physical therapy, diet and exercise routines and the pain remained.

After my first session with Anna, I started noticing the pain subsiding and feel I am on the road to further improvements in my chronic back pain, posture, and overall conditioning.  She is very knowledgeable about the body, techniques to improve fitness and chronic pain. I can’t say enough good things about Anna."